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After a lifetime of careful money management and wealth building, it’s important to plan for your later years and beyond so that your assets can be shared and enjoyed by those you love. We have the experience and knowledge to help you define and pursue the legacy you ultimately want to leave behind.

<strong>Take your financial plan a step further.</strong>

Take your financial plan a step further.

With legacy planning, you can set out a personal expression of values, beliefs, family history, and so on, and implement ways of ensuring your legacy reflects these values over and above simple material wealth distribution.

If this includes a business you’ve built, you could provide detailed guidance on how you’d like it to be managed in the future, including any ethical approaches you feel are particularly important.

<strong>Provide a clear destination and purpose for your wealth.</strong>

Provide a clear destination and purpose for your wealth.

As a father-daughter team, we are especially equipped to handle your legacy planning needs. We use our collective wisdom to truly understand you and your family’s personal and financial goals.

Turn your focus to enjoying your life and rest easier knowing you have planned for yourself, your heirs, and the institutions you care about.

When you have a sound plan in place for the bequeathal of your assets, you benefit from enhanced clarity about what is essential now, soon, and later. As such, assets are distributed in ways that are more satisfying because their meaning and impact are maximized.



Life insurance is an important, and often neglected, piece of a sound legacy plan. However, it's critical to take a measured and proactive approach to your life insurance. 

Your life insurance contract needs to be managed and reviewed annually. These are not “set it and forget it” assets. Most people are sold contracts by insurance agents who rarely review them – they make their commission and walk away.

Some high net worth individuals will resort to ‘self-insuring’ — without fully grasping the different structures of using life insurance as a cash flow tool.



Whether your aim is to preserve family wealth for generations to come, or make a significant philanthropic impact, the design for your estate is a critical component.

Through thoughtful estate planning, you can control your pre-tax net worth, providing you with maximum resources for achieving your goals and effecting the change you want to see in the world.

Our advisors will work to design your estate planning strategy, as a part of your overall legacy plan, to best articulate your financial philosophy as to the accumulation, preservation, use, and distribution of assets for achieving the vestige you hope to leave.



If you hope to make a meaningful contribution to a charitable organization, there are strategic ways in which to make your gift.

Brentwood Financial Advisors can help you determine your financial giving power and maximize the financial impact to the organizations that you care deeply about. There are various options available to you for charitable giving that you need to understand, including all of the tax breaks associated with the gift and evaluating the complexity of structuring the gift.

Whether establishing Employing Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) or Charitable Trusts, we will guide you through the process to execute your wishes.

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