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Marty Kulman

Marty Kulman

Vice President, Financial Consultant

Marty has been a financial consultant for 33 years. He started his career with ML Stern, in Beverly Hills. His early training and experience was in tax free municipal bonds. Over the years he expanded his practice to one focused on the “whole picture” employing the full range of investment tools at his disposal. An avid student of the markets and the economy Marty accesses many sources of research to give support to his assessments and recommendation. He prides himself in taking a holistic approach to structuring client portfolios to suit their unique needs and risk tolerances.  Lifecycle changes are monitored closely, with regular consultation with clients, and investment adjustments are recommended as suitable. Marty takes high satisfaction in helping to build a multigenerational understanding of family wealth and wealth preservation. He encourages his clients to share their estate desires and when possible to introduce the next generation to the process.

Marty was born in Buffalo, New York, to a middle-class family, which gave him a great respect for the effort involved in creating wealth. After moving to Los Angeles, as a teenager, he attended college with a focus on accounting and economics. Always the entrepreneur Marty and his father founded a family restaurant and delicatessen they operated for many years in LA. The sale, of that business, made Dad’s retirement secure and inspired Marty’s “next chapter” pursuit of the financial services industry.

With the woman that has enriched his life for the last 35 years, Marty finds his greatest joy spending time with their shared seven grandchildren! When not with the grandkids they love being active enjoying their Santa Monica home, playing golf, working out and traveling to new faraway places. Always grateful for life’s blessings Marty works to help others by supporting cancer research and the Susan B Komen Foundation.